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Our Story

We are a company dedicated to creating traditional home-style ready meals that taste “just as good as mum makes”. Our meals are perfect for those who are time scarce but don’t want to compromise on taste, quality and flavour of their food.

At Rustic Kitchen we are dedicated to sourcing as fresh and as local ingredients as possible. Our ingredients can be traced back to farms in North County Dublin, where the majority of our vegetables are sourced, and to the renowned FX Buckley, where our beef is sourced. We are advocates of the Farm-to-Table movement and strive to support local farmers and the Irish economy.







The Rustic Kitchen

At Rustic kitchen we want to make your life easier.  Increasingly demanding working hours and a busy social life means you have little time to prepare and cook meals from scratch on a daily basis. We believe that ‘fast food’ does not have to mean low quality, We don’t compromise on the quality of our ingredients and our mission is to ensure that our customers always enjoy the best product possible.

Ireland is at the heart of our business. We use traceable, locally sourced ingredients, which reduce mileage, therefore reducing our carbon footprint and preserving Irelands beauty.We maintain a rigorous, high quality standard that our suppliers must meet and we won’t settle for anything less. All of our meals are free from preservatives, our beef is 100% Bord Bia approved, our pork is slow cooked for 6 hours and then cooled for 8 hours to absorb the juices thus creating tender, succulent meat that melts in mouth. Our vegetables are steamed to lock in the nutrients, making them healthier than any of the processed alternatives.

All of our meals are handmade in small batches in Co. Meath, Ireland. In total, we employ 20 loyal and dedicated staff, without whom, Rustic Kitchen would not exist.  Amongst our staff there are 2 restaurant-qualified chefs, one head chef and one sous chef who have several years of experience between them. Since our meals are hand-made this reduces the amount of stages in the food production chain, thus resulting in less interference involved between field and table.








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Suppliers and Farmers

We are proud of our Irish heritage and want to show our support for the hardworking farmers and agricultural workers who dedicate their lives to growing wholesome, nutritious and vitamin-rich foods that Ireland is globally renowned for.

We have a strong, loyal relationship with our farmers and suppliers. It is always rewarding to see how our ethos has contributed to the local economy. Our love for Ireland, commitment to preserving the Irish landscape and devotion to the farm-to-table movement is what drives us to source as many local ingredients as possible.

Rustic Kitchen customers can always “trust the source” as many of our ingredients are traceable to farms across the country. All of our meals are free from preservatives, our beef is 100% Bord Bia approved and our meat is sourced from the esteemed FX Buckley.